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Elena Kuzmina


Teeth whitening

Dental treatment under a microscope


Aesthetic dentistry

Elena Kuzmina

Chief Doctor of Dental Art clinic. Specialization - therapy, endodontics, aesthetic dentistry

Graduated from Moscow State Medical Dental University named Semashko.

For several years she worked in the Clinic of the 4th Main Administration Ministry of Health of the USSR. Dr. Kuzmina was continuously mastering her professional skills by regularly taking international courses in dental restoration and aesthetic dentistry in Germany and Finland. She has a great experience in creation and development of dental clinics systems. Is a certified specialist in dental management. Graduated from Moscow State Medical Dental University named Semashko.

Since 1999 - Chief Dental Officer of Dental Art clinic.


  • Dr.Alexander Lohatch CEREC-Trainer. Moscow 2015.
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  • Attendent ROOT SSUMMIT IX. 2010.
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  • 60 YEARS QUINTESSENCE. «Deutsher fortbildungskongress fur die zachangestellte. Berlin 2009.
  • The Hebrew university-hadassah school of dental medicine founded by the alpha omega fraternity. Periodontics-Aesthetic Dentistry-Endodontics. Jerusalem 2007.
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