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Vladimir Shadskiy

Staff Dentist, specialization - dental prosthetics
Graduated from Smolensk State Medical Institute. Dr. Shadskiy has more than 20 years of medical experience working in Moscow clinics. His specialization is prosthetic appliances of all types. Dr. Shadskiy is continuously mastering his professional skills by regularly taking courses in Russia and Europe.

Achieves unique results in the area of aesthetics, the latest veneer technologies and prosthetics on implants. 

Sinse 2001 - Staff Dentist in Dental Art Clinic.


  • Dr. Mauro Fradeani. Advanced Continuing Education. The Estetic Rehabilitation. Clinical steps for esthetic, biologic and functional integration. Italy 2008.
  • Univ. –Prof. MR Dr. Rudolf Slavicek. Donau Universitat Krems. Seminar: Functional and Dyfunctions of the Masticatory Organ with the main point Occlusion and Articulation. .
  • Dr. Dr. Dieter Haessler, Dr. Jan Kielhorn. DENSPLY FRIADENT. Concept, indication and handling of the FRIADENT implant system XIVE. Germany 2005.
  • The Chicago Center for Advanced Dentistry. Prosthetics on Implants. Moscow 2002.
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